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Do you find yourself swimming in blogging tasks?


There are always 100 different tasks to choose from on any given day. The thing is, if you go from task to task with no real direction, you will never accomplish anything.


Blogging should bring you some freedom in your life, not suck up every waking minute of your day. I’m guilty of allowing blogging tasks to occupy all my time too! (It’s nearly impossible not to.)


You have to learn to set goals, prioritize daily tasks, set and keep deadlines, and stay focused on the bigger picture.


Let’s go over a few tricks for maximizing your time so you can spend less time blogging, but be more productive with that time.


The most important first step, set goals

  • And not too many goals at once.
  • Stick to 2-3 goals for each quarter and 2-3 goals for each month.
  • Having your goals written down will help you prioritize your tasks and keep you focused on your bigger vision for your blog.
  • If you find yourself spending hours on Facebook each week, but it is not in line with your monthly and quarterly goals, it is okay to let that go and replace it with a more purposeful task.
  • I use and LOVE the Create Planner along with One Hour Content Plan (the Amazon best seller!) from my friend Meera Kothand. They were both designed specifically for bloggers by a blogger and are very affordable. What better way to ensure you meet your goals than to have a planner that will keep you focused on reaching them.


My ultimate time saver, Divi

  • When you use Divi as your theme or just as your post/page builder, you can save your own templates. This makes it extremely simple to plug in new content and push publish.
  • Divi saves me hours of work each month.
  • The pre-made templates are easy to customize and beautifully designed so you will have high-converting, ready to go pages at your fingertips.
  • You will love the one time fee option and the ability to make sales pages, landing pages, thank you pages, blog posts, webinar pages, and more.
  • Definitely one of my favorite blogging tools and a life saver when it comes to creating great content quickly.


Get pinning down to a science

  • I love Pinterest, but you can waste a lot of time on Pinterest.
  • Creating pins, pinning, and repinning can take hours.
  • On top of that you also need to keep track of what, when, and where you are pinning your content.
  • Once you have a system in place, Pinterest will take far less of your time.
  • If you aren’t sure where to begin or are feeling overwhelmed with Pinterest, you can steal my system. Read all about it here.
  • I believe manual pining is the best way to go for your own content, but Boardbooster can really help keep your boards fresh and Tailwind has great analytics and features to help you make the most of your pinning. You can try both for free and get a $15 bonus when you sign up for Tailwind using my link. 

maximize your time as a blogger

Batch creation

  • Once you have read, One hour Content Plan, this will be really easy. Unbelievably easy!
  • Think of your content in themes.
  • Stick to one topic for a few weeks at a time.
  • When you are working on posts for social media, don’t just do one at a time. Work in batches and create several posts at once.
  • Write several emails at once, blog posts on similar topics, and create multiple images at the same time.
  • By batching your creation, you will save a lot more time than if you create one piece at a time.


Choose two social media platforms to start with 

  • If you try to be everywhere on social media you will end up not having much of a presence anywhere.
  • Figure out where your audience hangs out and start there.
  • Be consistent and authentic on each of these platforms.
  • Share your own content as well as other content you think your audience will love or will make them think.
  • Set certain times of day where you post or engage, but don’t let yourself get sucked into the black whole and lose an hour to looking at other posts.
  • Give yourself a time limit and a specific task.
  • I plan out all my posts for the week and schedule them on Sunday. Then I spend 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening engaging and sharing.
  • Figure out what schedule will work best for you and stick to it. Social media can be a huge time waster if you aren’t careful.
  • I like to use Facebook’s scheduling tool, but if you are looking to schedule to more than one platform or schedule far in advance, there are lots of great scheduling tools out there.


Recycle Social Media Posts

  • You can save a ton of time by reusing social media posts.
  • No one will even notice that you are using the same content over and over because most of your followers never see your posts anyway. (Sad Right?)
  • Every time you publish a new post, create a freebie, or a new product, spend the time to write a few different blurbs about it that you can use on your social media channels.
  • Having a couple different ones will make it easy to rotate so you aren’t posting the exact thing over and over.
  • Create a spreadsheet with the link to your post as well as 2-3 blurbs per social media channel for easy access. You can also place images here if you want to use certain images when you share.
  • Do this with posts you find from others that you want to share to your audience as well.
  • When you go to schedule posts you will have plenty to choose from and can reuse old posts instead of starting from scratch each time.

Let’s Recap:

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