Does it seem impossible to get people to your amazing blog content?


Yes, you spend hours creating the best blog posts for your audience.


Yes, you know who you are writing to and what they want to hear.


Yes, you are busting your butt everyday to promote and get seen.


But you just can’t get ahead and get the traffic you want.


I hear you!



Getting traffic can be a major struggle when you just start your blog and even for bloggers who have been around for awhile.


What’s the point in creating epic content if no one ever reads it?


If the purpose of your blog is to earn an income or to reach more people, then growing your audience is a key factor in your success.


Now, this is not to say that you have to have a huge amount of traffic each month. You can have a successful blog even with a small audience, but you do need an audience.


In this post I have listed 3 simple ways to increase your blog traffic.


As you go through this list, don’t get overwhelmed. Choose one that you think will make the biggest impact on your blogging goals right now. Then go through the list one by one until you are implementing each of these strategies.


If you take the time to put each item in place, you will notice a huge spike in traffic in the coming months. Much of blogging is about being patient, taking small steps, and reaping the rewards from your hard work when they come.


Top 3 things you can do to grow your blog traffic


1. Add keywords to the right places


I am sure you have heard the term SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is a huge conversation and certainly more than I can cover in this post. However, keywords are something we should definitely talk about.


Let’s go over a few main places you need to have keywords and what a keyword is.


Think of a keyword as being what someone might type in when they are searching for your post. What is your posts main point (hopefully something others are looking for) and what would someone type in if they are searching for your content?


This might be a short phrase or even a question.


Here are a few keyword examples:


  • how to potty train quickly
  • easy and cheap family meals
  • saving money
  • how to cut my own hair
  • how to grow blog traffic


Your blog post should have one main point. If you often write posts with several different ideas all intertwined, I suggest breaking them up into separate posts. In order to use keywords effectively, you need to know what you are focusing on and you need to show that to Google and other search engines so your posts will be shown when other people search for your content.


Once you know what keyword or phrase you will use for your post, where will you put those keywords?


Here are a few main places to include your keywords.


  • Within your post: In your title, in a couple subheadings, and spread out throughout the content a few times (don’t go crazy, make sure it makes sense). Your keyword or phrase does not have to be exactly the same every time. You can use similar phrases within your post as well. For example, if my keyword is grow blog traffic, I might also say get traffic to your blog, or increase blog traffic.
  • In your images: Add your keyword to your image name (keyword.jpg), put it in the alt tag, and in the description.
  • Other places: Put your keyword in your meta description. (Download the Yoast plugin if you use WordPress to make this super easy.) Put the keyword in your url slug. Don’t go back and change old url’s, just do this as you create new posts. You can change the title, but if you change the url you will create broken links which can be a pain to correct. Add your keyword as tags as well as other relevant keywords.


This is a basic understanding of using keywords, but if you place keywords in each of these places fro each of your posts, you will start to see a rise of traffic from search engines, including Pinterest (we will talk about using keywords a little more in the next section).


2. Utilize Pinterest


Pinterest can be a huge catalyst for increasing your blog traffic. Pinterest is a search engine, but the thing that sets Pinterest apart is that it is a visual platform. It can bring a TON of traffic to your site if you know how to put together the search pieces and the image pieces to create amazing pins.


The key elements of driving traffic from Pinterest are:


  • Using your profile to attract your ideal audience. Within your profile, tell your audience what they get from your pins, add keywords, and provide a link for them (an opt-in works great here!)
  • Pin Consistently and apply to group boards that match your content.
  • Add Keywords to your images. Place keywords in your title, in your description, in the file name of the image. Remember that Pinterest is ultimately a search engine so keywords are key.
  • Pin other people’s content as well as your own and engage on Pinterest whenever you can. Pinterest rewards you being in Pinterest so this will help grow your following and get your pins seen.
  • Create amazing images that people will notice. When you scroll through Pinterest, I bet you go quickly and stop when an image stands out. Make sure your image stands out in the crowd.
  • Use click bait titles and a call to action in your description. Give people a title on your image that makes your viewer want to know more and have to click through to find out. Make sure the title is accurate. There is nothing worse than clicking through to a blog post only to find it does not answer the questions the title made me think. When you write your description, make sure to finish by telling your reader what to do. Click here to find out more. I bet you’ve never heard number three!
  • Create more than one pin for each post to see what pins get the most click throughs.


As you add keywords, better descriptions, clickable titles, beautiful images, and each of these tips to interest you will see a huge jump in traffic that comes from this platform.


3. Guest post (either on a blog or podcast) and get in front of other audiences


The moment my blog really gained traction was the moment I started engaging with other bloggers and seeking out guest posting opportunities. I am sure you hear about guest posting all the time, but in order for this technique to be effective, you have to be strategic about it.


How to use guest posting to grow your traffic


  • Provide amazing content when you do a guest post. One of the worst things that can happen is that you write a sub-par post and then this new audience is completely wasted and you most likely won’t get invited back. Your guest post should be your best work and stand out, both to the blogger and their audience.
  • Start developing relationships. Comment on blog posts, reply to emails, give out compliments when deserved, share their content, and so on. It is much easier to get a guest posting opportunity if it is a warm pitch rather than a cold pitch. If the blogger is already aware of who you are because of positive interactions you have had, they are more likely to want to work with you. Be genuine and build relationships with bloggers who your really like.
  • Make sure the blog you want to guest post on has the audience you are trying to reach. There is nothing worse than spending hours creating a post and then not gaining any traction or attracting the completely wrong audience. Your guest post should help you gain traffic that will love what you do and hopefully get you new subscribers and customers along the way.
  • Reach out to Bloggers who have a much larger audience than you. If you want to get more traffic to your site it would not be worth your time to guest post on a site that had way less traffic than you do (unless every person on that site is highly engaged and your exact target audience). Make sure you are seeking opportunities to be featured on sites that have a substantial audience so you can hopefully gain a few yourself.


There are so many more tips and tricks to gain traffic to your blog, but these three are a great place to start. Once you put them in place, continue to implement them each time you write a blog post or pin on Pinterest.


You can do this!


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