Getting people on your email list starts with creating an opt-in that converts. I am sure you have heard the phrase, “the money is in the list”. While I agree that there is money in your email list, the amount of money is not proportional to the size of your list.

When creating your opt-in, it is essential to remember, you can have thousands of people subscribed to your site, but if they are not true fans, they will not buy what you have for sale.

Create Opt-ins that convert

If you want to know more about building and nurturing your list, read this.

The purpose of creating an opt-in is to gain subscribers who will love what you do. You want subscribers who want to read everything you write, want to learn more from you, and want to purchase what you have to sell.

Rather than thinking about it as list building, I prefer thinking of it as lead building. Building your list strategically using intentional opt-ins to build leads that will want what you have to offer.

When I first started blogging, I read so much advice about how to get email subscribers. I spent hours creating Printable PDF’s, email courses, ebooks, and other freebies for my site. I thought I was supposed to have a freebie with every post (I actually read this somewhere), but it was impossible to keep up with and my freebies were not the quality I wanted them to be.

Five pieces of advice I have as you start to create an opt-in that will convert to subscribers:

  • Create opt-ins that will serve your reader and make their life simpler in some way.


  • Make sure your opt-ins align with your business goals and attract your ideal audience.


  • Give away your best stuff.


  • Use your opt-in as a sales funnel to your product or future products.


  • Create an opt-in that can be linked to several posts. I suggest having one per main category and each major affiliate you are promoting.


Here are a few examples of opt-ins and potential products that may work for your blog or business:

Need help planning out the perfect opt-ins? Click below.

Create opt-ins that convert

  • Email mini course or webinar that leads into a full course on the same topic.
    • Photo mini course or webinar on using light, full course on many elements of photography.
    • Mini course or webinar on creating the perfect Pinterest pin and profile, full course on how to use Pinterest to boost your business.


  • Checklist that leads into sale of ebook, planner, or other downloadable.


  • Checklist of the best books to read to toddlers, ebook with lessons associated with every book.


How do you create the perfect opt-ins, Rather than wasting time creating opt-ins in hopes of adding people to your email list?


  • First, do your research.
    • Find out what your readers want and need.
    • What is something you can provide a framework for, a checklist for, or otherwise solve a problem they have?
    • What questions are they constantly asking?

For example: my highest converting opt-in is a mini course on using the manual settings on a DSLR camera. My biggest audience on is moms wanting to learn how to take better photos of their kids. I created this free course as a lead into my Photography Master Course and it converts great. This free course is packed full of valuable content, it solves a major pain point for my reader, and it is directly in line with my paid course so I am targeting my ideal clients.


  • Put a lot of effort and Value into your freebie.
    • This is why I say don’t develop an opt-in for every post, but rather for each main category or affiliate offer.
    • You don’t have time to create outstanding blog posts plus outstanding opt-ins for each one.
    • Spend your time creating super amazing opt-ins for your main categories and use that opt-in on several posts that make sense.
    • You need to earn the email address from your reader.
    • If they sign up for your opt-in and are less than satisfied, chances are you have lost them forever.
    • Make sure your reader is thrilled with the freebie and wants to keep coming back to see what else you have to offer.


  • Target the right audience
    • If you create something that is specific to your target audience and something that person cannot live without, you will get their email address in exchange for the opt-in.
    • Use your blog posts to convince your reader that they need your freebie.


  • Make them simple and branded.
    • My favorite tools for creating opt-ins are Canva, Google Docs, Google Slides, and Teachable (Teachable is the only one that isn’t free, but if you plan to create any online courses in the future, this is the ultimate platform. You can use it to create free courses that lead into your paid course and build your list (and your customers) that way.


The purpose of list building is to gain dedicated and loyal fans.

You want to have a list of people who will be interested in what you ultimately try to sell to them. If you make sure that helping your reader is the main focus of your opt-in and that it leads into a service or product you have or will have in the future, you will have a successful list.


What do you do once you have your opt-in created?

Put it all over your site!

  • In the sidebar,
  • in your menu,
  • in every post that makes sense,
  • in the middle of posts,
  • at the end of posts,
  • at the top of every page,
  • above the fold (the screen you see when you get to a website before scrolling down),
  • on your homepage,
  • on your resource page,
  • in an exit intent pop-up.
  • make sure everybody sees your opt-in at least 3 times (even if they only visit one post).


Promote it!

  • Promote it in Facebook groups on share days,
  • email it to your existing list and ask them to share,
  • create a couple pin images for the opt-in,
  • share it on your other social media channels,
  • ask your friends to share it (return the favor whenever you can),
  • just get it out there!


Whether your list is big or small, if you build it intentionally, you will be able to make money from your list.

Create opt-ins that convert by:

  • Knowing what your target audience needs.
  • Giving away amazing content.
  • Providing high value to your subscriber.

Don’t have a clue where to start? No problem!

Download this FREE spreadsheet to help you create opt-ins that convert like crazy. Start building your list intentionally from the start. Remember, everything you do should help you get yourself to your ultimate goal so don’t waste your time creating opt-ins that don’t.

You can do this!


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