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In this post we are going to take a look at the only 3 blogging courses you need to get your blog working for you.


Let me guess…

  • You feel like you are drowning in all the blogging tasks you have.


  • You feel like you will never catch up with other bloggers.


  • You have so much to learn and do and sometimes don’t even know where to start.


Blogging is hard work. The only word I can think of to describe it is CONSTANT and no one in the whole world could understand it except another blogger. I get it and I feel your pain.

The two things that will guarantee your blogging success are;


  • continue learning 


  • keep working hard

You know how to work hard, but how do you continue to learn?

There are so many blogging courses to choose from. It seems like every blogger is creating their own course.

But how do you weed through the information to pick the best blogging course(s) for you?

This can depend widely on what stage of blogging you are in and what your blogging goals are. However, there are three areas I think every blogger needs to master no matter their goals or stage.


The three areas are:


Building an ENGAGED email list.

I put engaged in all caps because I really want to emphasize that it is not all about how many people you have on your email list, but how in love with you those people are.

That may sound strange stated that way, but the truth is, if you have 10,000 people on your list, but they never open or engage with your emails, then they do you no good.

On the other hand, if you have just 100 people on your list, but they love everything you write and click on all your links, then these people will be likely to read all your posts, click on your affiliate links, and buy your products and services.

Think less about how you can grow your email list and more about how you can get the right people on your list.


Making money

My guess is if you are willing to work hard to get your blog seen and you are making any kinds of investments in your blog, then you would probably like to make some money in return.

There are a few different ways you can make an income blogging.

One of my favorites is affiliate marketing because it turns into almost completely passive income. Plus, in most cases, it is a very natural fit because you are most likely already telling your audience about things you love and find helpful. Why not get paid to make these suggestions?


Getting found on Pinterest.

Did you know Pinterest is the third largest search engine on the planet? If you aren’t utilizing this amazing resource then you are leaving loads of traffic and money on the table. A few simple tricks and the right foundation is all it takes to get your blog noticed on Pinterest.

Of course there are so many choices for blogging courses you can take.


These three courses address each of the issues above, are affordable, and very comprehensive.


You will not have to take another course on any of the topics once you have completed these three courses.


Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing-

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, the creator of Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, and founder of Making Sense of Cents, is an affiliate marketing expert. In fact, she makes over $100,000 every month with her blog and credits over 50% of that to affiliate marketing.

In this course, she teaches you her exact steps to becoming successful with affiliate marketing. She breaks it down into manageable chunks so you can implement the same strategies with your blog.

This course changed my blog from just a hobby to an income stream for my family. This is a great course for anyone wanting to monetize or make more money blogging.


Email Lists Simplified

In this course, Meera Kothand does exactly what the title promises. She makes email simpler.

Not only does she teach you how to grow your email list, she helps you grow it with purpose.

Her simple solution to email marketing focuses on getting the right people on your list and priming them to become adoring fans and paying customers.

In Email Lists Simplified you will learn how to convert your blog visitors into subscribers, how to create the right opt-ins, what kinds of emails to send and how to come up with an endless amount of meaningful emails, and so much more.

No longer do I sit and stare at a blank screen wondering what to send my email list. Even if you don’t have any subscribers yet, this class will put you ahead of other bloggers from the start.


Pinterest for Blog Growth-

It is not enough to just write great content. You also have to get people to find those posts and keep coming back to your blog.

One of the best ways to get your blog posts seen quickly is Pinterest. That’s what Pinterest for Blog Growth is for!

Pinterest can drive massive amounts of traffic to your website if you know how to optimize your profile and pins so they get seen.

Pinterest is the third largest search engine. Placing keywords in the right places, creating pins that draw the right audience, and titles that beg to be clicked, will help grow your blog and income quickly.

My traffic grew by over 300% in one month when I started to really understand how Pinterest works.

In Pinterest for Blog Growth I share the exact techniques I used to Skyrocket my traffic so you can do the same. This is a comprehensive course that covers everything from creating a strong foundation, to SEO, to pinning techniques, to affiliate marketing for Pinterest, and so much more.


Here are a few of my other “must have” blogging resources to help propel your blog to the next level.


  • One Hour Content Plan and create planner– My go to for planning out blog, email, and social content with intention and purpose. 
  • Convert Kit– Amazing for all your email needs!
  • Divi– My absolute favorite tool for building beautiful, high converting landing pages and websites.
  • Teachable- A super simple way to build professional online courses.
  • SiteGround– If you don’t have a hosting company or are ready to renew, Siteground is a great host. The customer service is unbeatable and I have never had an issue with speed or anything else come up with my website since using Siteground.

Like any business, you need to invest money in order to grow. Investing in the right places is key to your success. These three blogging courses are sure to provide a solid foundation in three key areas of blogging.

You can do this!


Want to get the most out of Pinterest for your blog or business?

Get signed up in the FREE Foundations of Pinterest Course today!

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