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Pinterest is probably something you have a love/hate relationship with at this point.


You love it because it can bring you tons of traffic, get your blog/business seen, and bring in sales.


You hate it because you spend hours pinning, creating images, adding keywords, finding group boards, and you still don’t see the amazing ROI.


Whether you love it or hate it, let’s face it, as bloggers, Pinterest is pretty essential.


There may be a few things holding you back. These 5 pitfalls are common and easily fixed.


Let’s dive in!


You have a pin that isn’t getting any click throughs, but it gets all kinds of saves.


Take a look at your pin.


You are probably giving away so much on the pin image that no one needs to click through to read more. This can happen with info graphics, quotes, or beautiful photos quite often.


This may not be all bad. Pinterest likes popular pins so if you have a pin that gets loads of saves, it may be helping you even though it is not bringing you the traffic you want. Keep that pin going and add a new pin that will drive traffic to that same post. This way you can drive traffic and get the extra love from Pinterest for having such a popular pin.


Here’s an example:


I have a bible verse pin that gets tons of saves, but never leads people to my site. I created a second pin for that same post that says, 10 Bible Verses every child needs to know, that gets lots of click throughs. Both pins lead to the same place, but the second title has intrigue while the first pin is only saved for the pretty verse.


Your pin is showing up in the wrong category.


Have you ever looked at the pins that are recommended to you after you pin one of your own pins?


Hopefully you will see related pins being recommended, but often you will see completely random pins.


This happens because Pinterest has no idea what your pin was about and so it takes a guess and shows you related pins that totally miss the mark.


To fix this you want to add keywords in all the right places. Load your pin up with the right words and pin it to the right boards and you will start to see it fall into the right category.


You are at a stand still with follower growth


Pinterest has changed a lot in the recent past and follower count isn’t as important, but I still find huge benefits in growing your following.


The more you pin on Pinterest, the more people will see you.


Be an active pinner so you can get your stuff out there as well as pin other people’s pins.


In the beginning, it is also helpful to follow others. Look for people in your niche and start following them. This opens you up to their followers as well so you will be more visible.


Lastly, make sure your profile is optimized and you are pinning quality content always.


You aren’t getting any traffic from Pinterest


The lack of traffic may simply be that your ideal audience doesn’t hang out on Pinterest, such as 60 year old male financial planners. If your audience isn’t there, you won’t get much of the right kind of traffic to your site.


Think about who you are targeting and don’t spend too much time on Pinterest if they aren’t there.


If your ideal client is on Pinterest, then think about this;


When people scroll through Pinterest you really have to stand out to get them to pause for a second at your pin.


You then need to give them something irresistible to click on. Make them want to know more by adding a title that makes them think, “I have to know more about that.”


Do these three things and your traffic will increase:


  • Make sure your images stand out.
  • Write a juicy title that makes your reader click.
  • Create more than one pin for each post, opt-in, product, course, etc.


You spend hours a day on Pinterest

Pinterest can take FOREVER!


You need to pin daily, not only your content, but other content, you need it all to be excellent content, you need multiple, high quality pins per post, you need to find group boards and then pin to them and repin from them, and you need to do all of this while maintaining all the other blogging tasks you have. Yikes!


When you first getting started this can feel so overwhelming. In fact, you might be hyperventilating as you read this. Don’t. It can be done in less time, with less effort. You just need a few tricks.


Here are a few tricks to ease your anxiety:


  • Batch your pin image creation, using a tool like Canva– using a pin creation tool will allow you to create designs you love and then just tweak them each time you create something new. Rather than starting from scratch each time you can just change the title, the images, or a few design elements. This will not only help your brand get noticed, but also help you recreate pins that are doing well and discard styles that aren’t.


  • Take your own images and have a bunch ready to pull from- You can do this same thing by having a stock photo subscription or collection, but I recommend learning how to take your own photos so you never have to spend the time searching through thousands of photos to find what you want. Having a folder of pictures will really speed up your pin creation process.


  • Create a pinning spreadsheet to keep track of what you have pinned and when- Create a spreadsheet where you can list each of your pins for each board you pin to. I do this for each of my group boards. Each board as its own tab and I list each pin that can be pinned to that board in the first column. Then I move down the list, pinning three per day and recording the date on the spreadsheet next to the corresponding pin. Each new day, I start where I left off so I am not pinning the same pin all the time. Having a system that makes record keeping easy will save you loads of time and ensure you are pinning all your content consistently without spamming any boards.


  • Use Boardbooster to loop your old pins so you don’t have to keep pinning to your own boards- Once you have 20-30 high quality pins on a board, you can start looping them to keep old pins coming back to the top of your board. Don’t spend lots of time searching for good pins. Just reuse the pins you have already found. Boardbooster starts at only $5 a month (you probably won’t ever need to spend more than this) and it will be a huge time saver. You can try it for FREE with my link.


Pinterest can do amazing things for growing your traffic and your income. It may feel too time consuming at first, but try out a few of these tricks and you will be on your way to mastering Pinterest.

You can do this!


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